- Our groundbreaking Multivariable Control System of electrolyc cells for chlorina and caustic-soda production. This control techonology, applied to coating titanium electrodes, has made it possible for us to work with the world leader in the electrochemical industry. INFOTROL's unique control system, fully designed, patented, and implemented by our staff, has been installed and commissioned in plants of all sizes,  located in countries such as Spain, Brazil, Germany, Algeria, Pakistan, Peru, The United States, or Russia,  and owned by  companies as well-known as PIONEER, BASF, PPG, QUIMPAC, EVONIK, or NIKOCHEM, to name just a few. The following figures will help you get a better idea of what we have accomplished: the energy savings achieved through our control system in one plant are of the order of 9 megawatts, working 24 hours a day, almost every day of the year. This means around 90,000 MWH per year.

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